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June 28, 2010 by admin

My sister was here last month visiting and it was so much fun to have her here.  She just had a birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!  We visited the Expo, Shanghai Museum, hiked in Moganshan, we ate and drank everywhere, Lost Heaven, El Willy, Ginger, Stiller’s, Bell Bar, DR bar, El Coctel, Fat Olive, I better stop there I’m tipsy just thinking about it.  I have other sisters and brothers too, 5 of them, but I’m not sure if they’ll be coming.  One won’t get on a plane (you know who you are), another has about 15 other places on her list to go to first, “kids in college”, “work is hell”, “the dog ate my homework”…whatever people, it’s not everyday you have a sister in China!  We’re half Italian and that would be the half that’s working the guilt trip right now.

Thank you for coming Jenny, I love you and miss you. (and Jenny, don’t mention the “street bun eating incident” or no one will ever come visit)

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