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June 28, 2010 by admin

Many of my readers ask me the question “what are some of the biggest differences between the US and China”.

Well, okay, that’s a lie.  I don’t have any readers and if I did, they certainly aren’t asking me any questions.  But in my current state of “pretend”, I will answer that.  I would have to say that besides the pajama wearing thing, the most notably bizarre thing is when you go to a movie theater and order popcorn they ask you if you want salty or sweet and look at you with crazy eyes if you say salty.  Not only that, the container holding the salty popcorn is like the size of my purse while the container for the sweet popcorn is as big as a cement truck.  What is up with that?!!  Who eats sweet popcorn at the MOVIES?!  Don’t even get me started that they don’t sell nachos with velveeta cheese and jalapenos.  It’s just plain weird.

I’ve also noticed so many people laughing here.  Kids laughing, grandparents laughing, people laughing in the park,  even the guys who have been cleaning out our street sewer for the last week were having a cigarette and a good laugh the other day.

Remember when we used to do that in the States?

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