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June 24, 2010 by admin

My Mandarin teacher taught me the word for “crazy” not long ago and I’m thinking that may have been a mistake.  I use it constantly and I think I’m driving Mr. Zhai (pun intended) insane.  “Mr. Zhai, na ge si ji feng le!”  “jin tian, tian qi feng le” “nie kan kan na ge gou ma?  tai feng le!!”.  Basically, a driver, the weather and a certain dog are all crazy. It’s just more fun to say than “that driver is no good” or “today, it’s abnormally hot and humid”.

Really, when I think of crazy and China only two words come to mind, Bai Ling.   You know her.  You don’t know WHY you know her, but you do.  I can’t tell you one movie she’s been in, she can’t sing, she doesn’t date anyone famous but you know her because she’s crazy.  She’s the only person that can wear scotch tape for a top and it doesn’t seem odd.  If she wore a loaf of bread as a hat or had shoes made out of armadillo shells you wouldn’t give it a second thought, she’s that feng le.

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