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Can one person make a difference?

June 15, 2010 by admin

I was walking to Ken’s office to meet him for lunch the other day, crossing the street through a long intersection, when a very large, decked-out Mercedes came barreling through the intersection (against the light) and came very close to hitting my leg.  My endorphins rushing I sprang into action giving the driver “the bird” AND “the Breglia eyes” simultaneously.

I love this city and I love living here so to avoid these common traffic violations and keep my temper at bay, I would appreciate it if someone could please mail me the Los Angeles Department of Transportation regulation yellow crossing-guard vest, a pair of white gloves and the biggest whistle you can find, I’m going to put this extra time to good use…one intersection at a time.  Oh, and a hat, I’ll need a good hat too.

I think I’ll start with this one…

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