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Tai Weekend

September 20, 2009 by admin

On Saturday, Ken and I decided to hire a guide to take us hiking in the mountains.  We went to the “East Mountains” just outside of Suzhou City, about a two hour drive from our house.  The mountains overlook a lake called Taihu Lake, (Tai meaning “bigger than big” and you know I’m going to be using THAT word a lot) and according to our guide Max, this is the third largest lake in China.  It was a pretty warm day and the first 45 minutes were uphill so Mama was sweating bigtime.  You start the hike through a small village which was really interesting to see except for the composting smells.  Combine that with the heat and humidity and a weaker soul would have passed out.  oh my.

Base of the village


Here’s Ken and Bernie on the way up, passing an empty resort house. Our tour guide Max is at the right.


We’re halfway up in this next pic and came up to a small temple.  Bernie was really hot so he went inside for a rest with a stranger.


It’s hard to see because of the marine layer, but below is a cemetery.  Our guide explained that there are no cemeteries in Shanghai because of a lack of land so people have to be buried out further in the country.


We made it!  At the top of this mountain there is a larger temple where a few monks live.


If you look beyond my sandwich you can just the see the lake and a small island in the background.  We gave the tourguide a sandwich and he said he really loved our american sandwich, especially the cheese.  The chinese don’t eat cheese.   However, I do eat cheese, and that would explain my Taibutt.


Rare Wild Chinese Mountain Goat  (I picked a good harness color for this country)


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