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March, 2017

  1. Girls just wanna have fun

    March 18, 2017 by admin

    Yesterday as I was walking out of my building I saw that someone had written in the snow covered sidewalk, ‘MAGA  Trump!’, at which point I crossed out the MAGA and wrote SUX after Trump!.  When confessing this later to Ken his only response was, “what is SUX?”.

    I really need to get it together because if I want a President who doesn’t tweet in the wee hours of the morning using the words of an 8 yr. old (STUPID!, BAD HOMBRES!, DUMB!, MORON!) then I better start acting like I’m not an 8 yr. old myself.

    My niece came to visit me last week while my husband was on a Father/Son trip.  I was happy they were together, it’s not every day this can happen, but did they HAVE to go to sunny and warm Costa Rica?  They couldn’t go trekking through Iceland or maybe Transylvania?!   So I called my niece Leah and said get out here so we can act like 8 yr. olds and that’s just what we did.

    We hiked and played our way around the Quogue Wildlife Refuge…on the day of the biggest snow storm we’ve had all winter.  She’d never been snowed-on before!  We had the park to ourselves except for the lone set of tracks we saw on the main trail, we never saw him but we were surprised by his Shreklike foot prints.  The park also has a dwarf pine forest making the day even more magical.  If that weren’t enough, the refuge worker came out with corn kernels and let us feed the snow geese and ducks.

    The next day we took the dogs on a hike through the woods out to the beach at Barcelona Point.  On our way back we ran into a man who wanted to know if we’d seen his lost dog, Winnie.  He was a wreck and worried if he didn’t find her she’d freeze to death overnight, so we got back to the car, put the dogs in and started back out to help look for her.  After schlepping through the woods for a while, I saw something black moving and Leah and I called out to her and sure enough it was Winnie!  I called the man on his cellphone (did I mention he was a good-looking, veterinarian with exceptional hair?) and shortly after the two were together again.  Leah and I celebrated that night with too much wine and two Karaoke songs, ‘Love Shack’ and ‘Girls just want to have fun’.  FUN! AWESOME! GREAT! BITCHIN’!






    Before the snow came in NYC, Marie’s Crisis Cafe singing show tunes


    Ballet in Central Park