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April, 2016

  1. And all that jazz

    April 3, 2016 by admin

    At around the age of 22, knees hurting and a new life chapter achingly awaiting, I decided to quit dancing after more than 11 years of plies, triple time-steps and head rolls.  I was still recovering from the shock of losing my father and needed more stability, i.e., a steady paycheck.  I folded up the leg warmers, boxed up the tap, jazz and ballet shoes and put my jazz hands to use on a computer finding my way to corporate America!  I really liked being in the professional world of pie chart reports, conference room meetings and the closed-door chatter on IRR, NOI and PMS.  Nobody loves a pencil skirt with a great pair of heels more than I do and I’m proud to say that I can run down a hallway wearing both!  I also love a bonus check which I would spend every dime of on a fabulous vacation (I was never good at “saving for a rainy day”, it never rains in California!).  I spent a good 26 years in different companies, some better than others, but they were mostly good years and by that I mean that it would take 2 plus novels to write about those years and too many of the characters are still alive so I’ll just leave it at that for now.

    So now back at present day I decide that I miss dancing, really really miss dancing and sign myself up for a beginning jazz class at Broadway Dance Center, literally in the heart of Broadway (THE Broadway,  people).  The first 45 minutes are warm up and movement and it’s a piece of cake.  Then the instructor starts the dance combination and after the first 8 counts I turn into Lucy Ricardo trying to get through a number at Ricky’s club.  Think Jerry Lewis in “Hollywood or Bust” or Jerry Lewis in any Jerry Lewis movie for that matter.  When the teacher was moving into the 3rd count of 8, I moved towards my purse and promptly headed out the door.  I managed to make it out of the studio before the purple of my bruised ego started to show and the tears started welling.  It only took me two years to get over that day but I’m proud to announce I’ve since started tap classes again and I’m doing GREAT!  I don’t know why my muscle memory for tap is so much better but I’m happy it’s there and I go every week.  Who knows, before long I may be on my way back to BROADWAY!   “a five, six, seven, EIGHT!”

    Well, there’s always skiing…