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February, 2016

  1. This just in

    February 2, 2016 by admin

    If you know me than you know I love to travel and nothing has ever stopped me from going somewhere I want to go.  Once I even joined thousands inside St. Peter’s Cathedral to see Pope John Paul giving a beatification ceremony and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  Sardines packed tightly in a metal box had nothing on us.  I was packed in by crazy Catholics…in olive oil…couldn’t move nor breathe which led to my first anxiety attack.  Am I just getting old or does it seem like there’s something going on everywhere?!  Zika virus is spreading.  ISIS has recruited nut jobs to plot evil near our favorite European cities, Sweden (our equal, fair and ever-boring Sweden) has large amounts of neo-nazi’s lurking in masks,  Africa, well let’s face it, something is always going on there and now China is there too wreaking havoc, where is one supposed to travel in peace?!  California has an ongoing gas leak, Texas has open-carry laws making sure you can get wasted or go to college (simultaneously more likely) while packing heat, in Wisconsin you’ll be killed “accidentally” by a hunter, in NYC you’ll be killed by a taxi driver while crossing the street, in Yellowstone Park you’ll be gorged by a Bison but only if you try to get close and take a selfie.  Sometimes I want to gorge people taking selfies.

    And you know what else, the skinny jean is over.  That’s right folks, take it in slowly, breathe.  We saw signs of this last year in Paris and London, Chloe’s last resort collection pretty much showed us the future but now Brooklyn is on board with Manhattan to follow shortly.  Of course it will take years to reach the suburbs of Colorado, they just barely stopped wearing the low-cut, thong-baring, muffin-top creating pairs, ala young (or old) Britney Spears.  Big changes like this take time and let’s be honest, we have so many pairs what will happen to them?!   We could try making jean purses again or maybe doggie jean jackets?  Those never go out of style.

    Don’t be scared, change is good.