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August, 2015

  1. Sweaty Betty

    August 26, 2015 by admin

    It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of August, even though it’s hot and humid as only August can be.  The streets of NYC are in full stink, young girls are donning tight and completely inappropriate clothing, strangers are passed out on stoops and yet, you can already smell the impending fear of winter coming.   It’s around the corner, you know it and you’re scared to turn.  Just like guy who’s forever around the corner handing out gym memberships and yelling “COMING AT YOU, COMING AT YOU!!”.  Um, yes you are and it makes me want to punch you in the face.

    It’s been a great summer though.  I’ve had wonderful friends come (Alison, Natalie, Marie and Carlo, Erica and Bill) and more to come.  Ken and I took sailing lessons and they now let us take the boat out by ourselves!  We each learned what to do but have naturally fallen into our roles of Ken doing the tacking and I do the steering, makes sense right?   I gassed up the scooter for the first time and it cost me $3.49!  There’s still more time for paddle boarding, body surfing, bike riding, hiking (if you don’t get lost, right Natalie?) and turkey burgers on the grill but one must not be foolish and waste one minute.






    We’ve had a frog (pictured here if you can see him) lounging around for the last two weeks.  I’m considering building him a pool cabana with mini fridge if he stays much longer.