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May, 2015

  1. “Bon Jour ‘amptons”

    May 6, 2015 by admin

    I just spent 4 wonderful days in the Hamptons with my dear friend Marie and her husband Carlo.  It’s such a delight to have “the Euros” around.  They have excellent taste in wines, barely eat breakfast so when lunch comes around you start with two orders of pommes frites and between Marie speaking French to Carlo and Carlo answering back in Italian I was able to brush up on both languages for my next trip!   They also never met a nature walk they didn’t like and that’s my kinda of people.  These two lucky chiens are starting off on a two month adventure through Europe as only a European can and we Americans just can’t handle it.

    I wish them a buone vacanze, bonnes vacances and a very fond adieu!








    I posted this pic because

    a. It’s Ann Margaret

    b. I love her boots

    c. Her panties are showing

    d. For some crazy reason it reminds me of my lovely French flower, Marie