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April, 2015

  1. Chop, chop and all that

    April 12, 2015 by admin

    I’ve noticed since Ken has been working so much in London now (we get the London Financial Times delivered to our door daily mind you) he’s become increasingly obsessed with how cheap the Euro is.   Last month when we were in France he picked up a real estate sales magazine to check out prices,  “Look what you can get in Vence or Mougins, it’s incredible these prices”, he went on excitedly.  I go along for the ride but then I remember I’d have to pay the bills, find a house manager, furnish the place and I just lose all enthusiasm.  Plus, while we were touring around so many French people kept complimenting Ken on his perfect french accent and it was really annoying me.  We both took two years of French in school (ecole) and I’ve always prided myself on my French accent so this was too much for me.  Anyway, Mandarin is the only language that comes to my mind when I want to say something in another language.   A few years ago I needed to yell at someone at the Autogrill in Southern Italy and out came Mandarin!

    Anyway, back to Ken and his Euro fetish.  So the other day he was like, “the way the Euro is right now if you’re looking for that Prada bag it’s a good time to scoot over to Italy and get it”.  Um, ok, I’ll just scoot over there right now!?  I guess he doesn’t realize scooting costs money.  Anyway my guess is he wants to go to Italy to buy a bunch of suits for himself and wants to make it look like I need to go.  whatever dude, you know very well I’m a SHOE girl.  I’ve had the same Bogs waterproof winter boots on for the last 4 months, so maybe it’s time to think about those Spring shoes, right mate?!