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October, 2014

  1. Travel Bug (including cough and fever)

    October 8, 2014 by admin

    I’m fully aware that since I left China this blog has become a bit, ahem, boring.  New Yorkers are crazy for sure but this ain’t Shanghai.   There are no couples walking hand-in-hand wearing their matching pajamas.  People here don’t use the sidewalk to blow their nose (don’t ask) and Manhattan moms seem to prefer diapers as opposed to backless pants where you hang your child over the curb to pee.  So to spice things up around here I thought I could make it sort of a lifestyle blog, you know, where I share my mascara tips, avocado mask recipe, that sort of thing.  Why just the other day I was making a salad and some olive oil dripped onto my hand so I took it and rubbed it into my cuticles!  See, I’m full of these great ideas!  Beet juice can double as a lip stain!  Fluff up your old pillows by adding dog hair you pull out of the vacuum!!!

    But until that happens, here’s a breakdown of the two craziest weeks of travel I’ve ever had.

    It started with a 3-night trip to Brazil to attend a wedding.  Ken had some work for a day but then we attended an art exhibition where we met the truly talented and amazing sculptor, Pablo Atchugarry.  Ken was fighting off a bad cold but managed to have a great time nonetheless (except when he fainted on the plane ride over and then I started crying hysterically).

    The wedding, a night to remember.

    The Wedding



    Pablo Atchugarry Exhibit in Sao Paolo

    Pablo Atchugarry

    Our new piece!

    Our beautiful piece

    After the weekend in Brazil, it was only a few short days back in the city before I headed to Los Angeles to throw Leah her bridal shower.  It was lovely day for a lovely bride-to-be.  My mother, Jenny, Cynthia, Leah and Lauren all spent the night and Ken, who just flew in,  would makes us all omelets in the morning.  I was going to leave out the part where my mother fell in the bathroom and hit her head, but that did happen.  Fortunately, she was fine, ego bruised more than body.  Whew!

    The next day it was off to San Francisco to meet up with our Brazilian friends for a night before heading to wine country and Big Sur.

    Bridal Shower Flowers





    After a two hour hike in the Redwood Forest, we decided it was wine/cheese time.   Brazilians don’t mess around.









    And last but not least, right after returning home, my dear friend Kelly came out to the Hamptons for a Girl’s Weekend!!  (and Ken for a day too)