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May, 2014

  1. My eyes tell the story my face tries to hide

    May 12, 2014 by admin

    So Ken has been seeing this Doctor/nutritionist.  A friend told him about this guy that can help treat certain ailments through diet, i.e. muscle and joint inflammation, skin issues, allergies…whatever, I’m not feeling it.   The doctor eliminated only a few things from Ken’s diet for the next month and I’ve been following the same thing, why not, it’s not so hard.  But then he told Ken to give up wine for a month and with the roll of an eye and flaring of nostril I yelped, “Do you want to die healthy or happy?”,   “I guess we’re not going to Italy anytime soon”, “Should we order a Cab with our steak?, oh never mind”.   Next.

    In between trying to help rescue dogs, putting an end to trophy hunting, keeping a watchful eye on factory farming foils and eliminating human trafficking, a girl can forget to do her weekly facial peel!   Summer’s almost here and soon enough we’ll be dusting off the old bikinis.  My rear will need some dusting off as well and by dusting off, I mean serious self-tanning.   What a difference a season makes?!

    People who spend year round in the Hamptons know good and well that summer is coming when a Bentley, Audi or black Range Rover filled with screaming children is passing you on a NO PASSING country road doing 55 mph in a 30 zone.  They, or their chefs, end up in Citarella holding up the seafood guy or butcher for 20 minutes ordering either all the oysters yanked from the Peconic bay or a side of grass fed Australian beef for their 40 guests coming for dinner.   The restaurants I’ve been going to ALL WINTER won’t have room from Memorial to Labor day, except my beloved Bell and Anchor who tries very hard to fit us in.  Whatever dude, no complaining on the yacht (as Ken loves to say).

    With everything going on in the world, I’m grateful for my two weeks of Spring.