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January, 2014

  1. Must be the season of the witch

    January 21, 2014 by admin

    Two days ago I was at Coopers beach running around with the dogs.  It was cold yes, but sunny and beautiful.  Two days later it’s another polar vulcan vortex from hell and the city is covered head to toe in snow and it’s “9 degrees but feels like 3”.  I like the snow, don’t get me wrong but then they pour that damn snow salt all over the sidewalk and it burns the dogs feet (it’s actually very painful) and it’s impossible to walk them anywhere.  ARGH!


    IMG_0835 IMG_0836




    This is only the beginning…




    This has nothing to do with anything .  Jenny found this crazy painting somewhere of three Rat Terriers.  I don’t know what’s crazier, this painting or having three Rat Terriers.





  2. Hi Resolution

    January 7, 2014 by admin

    Happy New Year!!!

    I have always loved starting a new year.   The idea of reinventing myself, being kinder, hope for a flatter stomach, gosh, it gives me goose bumps.  I don’t make silly resolutions I have no intention of keeping, as in possibly drinking less wine or giving up that second cup of coffee, uh, no.   And course I never really reinvent myself, attain the flatter stomach and with menopause approaching that being “kinder to people” thing is just simply out of the question.  But the thoughts and ideas and the hope still linger on.

    This so-called Arctic Snap or whatever they’re calling it today is in full force.  I woke up this morning and had to walk the dogs outside in what my iPhone said was “6 degrees, feels like 0”.   I almost lost Niu Niu crossing 42nd Street in a wind gust.  Ladies and gentleman, when it’s 0 degrees outside, shit…gets…real.   Everything becomes “god this” and “god that”.  “God, please make Bernie go poop right now”, “God, please shorten the light at 42nd and 10th ave.”, “God, please, please, please, train my dogs to use the toilet in the apartment”, you go insane really.   The grocery store is just across the street but I have to go down to the light, cross the street and then go up the other side.  So rather then make the trip I try to create dinner from a celery stick, two tomatoes, a brie log and some granola.   I want to send the dogs far, far away.

    Here are cold but happier times in Water Mill during New Years when we got the big snow!

    IMG_0812_2 IMG_0809_2



    Portraits of the beasts, A Christmas present for Ken.