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January, 2013

  1. 10 feels like 1

    January 26, 2013 by admin

    That’s what the weather said. You know what 1 degree feels like? Cold, hard, bitter tears of pain. Your face will crack off. Your pinkie toe might not make it home. Permanently matted hair from pulling your wool cap down to your nose. Suicidal thoughts deepen when your dog has the runs and you have to take her out three times in the middle of the night. For the first time ever you wished you owned a pair of UGG boots. Florida actually sounds like a fun place to go. Shall I continue?

    Beautiful snow-covered Water Mill




    Arrow and Trudie on the opposite coast also enjoying the snow


  2. Pulling mussels from a shell

    January 11, 2013 by admin

    Remember that 80’s song? The first few times I heard it I thought they were talking about doing something for Michelle.

    Here’s a pic taken this morning at Coopers Beach in Southampton.


    I was going to try a blog entry without a dog picture but then I got this from Jenny. It’s Trudie with something odd hanging from her mouth. Somewhere in Africa a giraffe is missing its tongue.


  3. New Year in New York

    January 6, 2013 by admin

    It’s not like anyone is reading this anyway, but I have been quite remiss in my blogging.  It’s just that I’ve been busy and I still don’t have anything blogworthy.  I’m such a bore.  I will say this though, I needed to get a NY drivers license and register my car as well and the experience leaves me to believe that helping 14 North Korean innocent people escape from prison would have been easier.   My god, they needed my passport, old drivers license AND my social security card….in hand.  Seeing that one can’t get a passport without a social security card seemed redundant that I needed both but the woman with the mullet and appliqued sweater felt very serious about it.  After it’s all been handled at the DMV, you still have to take your car to some random place to have it “inspected”.  You can’t ask them where to take it, “I don’t know”, she said.  I took it to BMW and after an hour they told me it was done and charged me $10.  My car is a 2012, what exactly were they inspecting?  argh.

    Listen, I had a wonderful holiday in spite of the fact that mother is nursing her broken femur for 6 six weeks in a place that reminds me of the Shining.  She’s getting better everyday and has the attitude of a Himalayan Sherpa (with the temper of a Italian Princess mind you).  She is and always has been my inspiration.

    We spent New Years in our new place in Water Mill and it was just wonderful…we got a snowfall to boot.  Ken and I had dinner at Tutto Il Giorno in Sag Harbor and it was perfection.

    A Hamptons Snowman….with cellphone natch.

     Happy New Year!