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July, 2012

  1. I Heart New York

    July 24, 2012 by admin

    I’m not here a week and a man passes by me and says “helloooo sexy”.  Sure he was a little greasy after he got off work, whateva. When I was young I used to roll my eyes at these shenanigans but at 47, I’ll take it baby.  Am I right…AM I RIGHT??? (why am I talking like this)

    Before Jenny left for LA, we met up with her dear friend Ivan, artist, counselor and all-around lovely person.  Together we spent a fun afternoon walking the galleries of MOMA and enjoying lunch at their restaurant, The Modern.  It’s really really really good by the way (3 Marie reallys = excellent).

    You can find Ivan’s work on youtube and vimeo.  For some background and samples click Ivan Monforte

  2. Getting Settled

    July 22, 2012 by admin

    Jenny left on a flight yesterday so the “Road Trip – Buritta Como” is officially complete. Since we had the monsoon upon arrival, it’s been just beautiful ever since so Ken and I and the dogs have been doing some trekking around town. Bernie and Niu Niu went into their first NY dog park, literally a concrete jungle. Oh well. And I just realized today that the phone booth that’s usually used for certain men to pee in is also a place one can shoot up in. Good to know.

    I’ve already eaten in several amazing places since arriving, will write about those later in case you’re in town and need to know.

    Sunset in the city that never sleeps…



  3. Road Trip Final Day: Analysis

    July 19, 2012 by admin

    We’re here in the Big Apple!!!
    So we leave DC, drive along minding our business and get to Manhattan proper. We take the George Washington Bridge because mamma wants to make an entrance, but other than that, no drama. We pull up in front of our building, empty the contents of rental car with concierge and Jenny takes the dogs up to the apartment while I drop off rental car two blocks away. In those 15 minutes, the most severe thunderstorm hits Manhattan. I call Jenny and ask her to walk over to Hertz place with an umbrella for me. In those two blocks back, we get hit by the mother of all showers. The streets are flooded, I lose both my flip flops in the “flash flood” crossing the street. Jenny retrieves them as they float past her but both our umbrellas get turned inside out as we are pelted by hail.

    The main thing I’ve taken away from this road trip is that there are good American people, lots of them actually, that drink crap coffee. It’s just unnecessary. Jenny and I were wondering how the Europeans even survive an american road trip at all. They must surely be asking themselves, where are their autogrills?? Why do these americans still live like peasants??
    Maybe they come to watch the funny monkeys behind the glass, I don’t know frankly.
    But I jest. America is truly amazing and so beautiful. Yes, sometimes we’re toothless or wearing an ill-fitting tube top, eating something fried with a mound of cheddar cheese on top only to be guzzled down by a 12 pack of pabst blue ribbon and then hitting the highway in a truck carrying a concealed weapon but by god we are a nice, caring, diverse people living in a majestic place. From sea to shining sea…








    Some shoes we picked up along the way at Heirlooms in Basalt.



  4. Final night: D.C.

    July 17, 2012 by admin

    After a rough night of Comfort Inn, Anywhere, Ohio, and having no other choice other than Sutter Home Cabernet on the menu, it was nice to land in D.C. at the Willard. I used Amex points to get the room and so fittingly, Jenny and I are acting like Mr. And Mrs. Howell, III. Anyway, it brings up the issue of the “pet policy”. I (read Ken) have spent more money in hotel pet fees than a family of four spent for a week’s stay at DisneyWorld, buffet breakfast included. Which brings me to the question of “child’s fee”. Kids are running around the room, eating all over the bed, peeing everywhere, crying, whining and throwing toys, and they get to stay for free??? What the hell? I’m so over these unfair practices.

    Anyhoo, we land in Manhattan tomorrow, our final destination. It’s been an amazing road trip and a wonderful time with my sis. We are still on speaking terms and I still consider her my BFF so I guess it was a success.












  5. Road Trip Day 6: Road Hags

    July 16, 2012 by admin

    Oh my lord it’s official, the sturdy and solid driving duo of Homer – Wong has gone from cute road warriors to road hags in 6 days. It worked out okay in Cambridge, OH since the only places to eat are Cracker Barrel (nixed right away as they don’t serve alcohol) and The Forum, an eclectic blend of Greek, Italian, American and nachos, you get the picture. Oh, and the constant array of fast food choices. It’s sad though because Cambridge is actually very beautiful with an historical old town dating back to 1881 and amazing Victorian houses. The town now though is flailing with mostly store vacancies and lots of run down old lovely houses.

    Besides our beauty issues, we’ve almost completely lost our minds. In checking out this morning, the clerk asked me our room number and I gave her the number from two nights ago (she wishes they had 11 floors). Then Jenny handed over our plastic room key cards in the envelope and managed to put her debit card in there as well. The girl tried to give it to me but I couldn’t really read the name on the debit card but knew it wasn’t mine so I tried to give it back. But it was only a minor disaster compared to what happened at Starbucks later when they didn’t know what a “dry cappuccino” was. I almost had to have Jenny committed. File that under “scary road shit”.











  6. Mid-trip: Car dancing

    July 15, 2012 by admin

    Between the iPods of Jenny and I, we have just about every song from every genre covered between the years of 1942 – present. Through the long stretches of Kansas prairie driving or the winding Colorado mountain curves, we’ve had to fox trot, shimmy, get down, shake that booty, rock on and do head rolls …from the waist up.

    Today we drove the lengths of Mizzou and Illnoy (Missouri and Illinois). Both beautiful and filled with nice people. Lots of experiences too. In Kansas City we encountered fireman in the streets carrying a boot and asking for donations to help fund their services. Tonight in Hot Earth (Terre Haute, Indiana) we were fortunate to meet Morgan, at The Copper Bar. She is a lovely, positive, energized 23 yr. old who we enjoyed a nice chat with. She has experienced so many hardships already at her young age but carries on through life with courage and an uplifted look on life we could all learn from.








  7. My dogs are tired

    July 14, 2012 by admin


    And my sister’s dogs are tired!


  8. Top of the Rockies

    July 14, 2012 by admin

    We’ve had some rough patches finding a good cup of coffee in some areas but the scenery always makes up for everything. We took a hike outside Aspen, on the way out we noticed the sign that read, “recent bear incident, check in with ranger”…oooops.

    From Glenwood Springs, CO through the Rockies to Oakley, KS






    This is at the top of the Rockies, 12,000 feet!



  9. Day one: Burrita Como

    July 12, 2012 by admin

    Drive starts off fine. We pack the rental car, a Nissan Pathfinder, and head down to the I15. We stop for lunch somewhere along the road where there is nothing but beige matching houses and fast food restaurants. It’s 107 degrees, no kidding. We throw down a burrito and when I ask Jenny a simple question she mutters something unintelligible and tells me she can’t talk she’s in a “burrita como”, translation burrito coma. We stop in Baker to check out the largest thermometer in the world because our car says its 121 degrees and we want more proof…but it’s broken.






  10. Do Dilly Dally!

    July 10, 2012 by admin

    Do what your mother always told you not to do!  Stop to smell the roses.  Pull a daisy.  Take a peek inside. Wander aimlessly.  Have a seat at the bar.  Walk.  Meet a friend.  Appreciate art.  Eat good food.  And always look both ways, especially in Manhattan.

    That’s what Do Dilly Dally is about.

    Musing Mandarin is still here, and will always reside in the archives, but is now a part of the past.  A really, really, really, special past.    Zai Jian Musing Mandarin.  Wo ai nie!

    We’ll be dilly dallying here now.