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June, 2012

  1. A Beautiful Day

    June 19, 2012 by admin

    When was the last time you ran into the streets of Venice, California to march to “When the Saint’s Go Marching In”??   I know, it’s been awhile, right??  Well,  I just did it this past Saturday following the ceremony of my friend’s wedding.  And what a beautiful celebration of love it was (the Bourbon Bar wasn’t so bad either).   It was a celebration that told the story of two very special people and everything was hand-picked and prepared with such care, including the music which was played by The Parson Red Heads where they covered Neil Young, Beatles, their own beautiful songs and a very special version of the 80’s classic, TLC’s, “Waterfalls”.  Nuff said.

    Congratulations Brianna and Raymond!



  2. Looking Ahead

    June 16, 2012 by admin

    With another of life’s new chapters upon us, Bernie and I reflect a little on the past while we look forward to the what the future brings.

    It was almost 4 years ago on the same weekend I was moving in with Ken when Bernie had his spinal cord injury.  I was in Los Angeles packing up my apartment and Bernie was having fun with Ken in Aspen.  Ken and I already knew we would be moving to China in the next year so we wanted to spend some time living together before throwing ourselves together into the frying pan of Shanghai living.   Instead, I spent the next 4 months working with Bernie in getting the use of his legs back while Ken commuted back and forth to China getting things set up for us.  Bernie eventually got the use of his legs back where we then put him through the travails of getting to China, added a Chinese rescue dog to the mix, Niu Niu, and then two years later put them both on a plane back to Los Angeles (all of this carefully and sarcastically documented in the archives from Sept. 2009 – Nov. 2011).  We’ve been enjoying the sun and the fun of  the California lifestyle for 6 months but now it’s time to move on again.

    July 11th marks the day Jenny and I pack up the rental car, Bernie and Niu Niu, a case of good wine (we can’t take our chances on the wine lists in Glenwood Springs, CO or Cambridge, OH) where after a week of driving across country in the worst summer heat, we should be landing at 42nd street in Manhattan.  For the sake of our marriage and Ken’s personal sanity, he’ll be flying directly there.

    The new website will be up before we leave to document the time when my sister and I were still on speaking terms and not existing on a diet of Cheetos and Subway sandwiches in 105 degree temperatures.

    Stay tuned…

  3. Spit, Spat, I was taking a bath

    June 1, 2012 by admin

    You know those days when you just have to sit back in that comfy chair, pour yourself a glass of Malbec and say to yourself, “why do strange people keep spitting on me??!”

    Wait, you don’t do that?? Random people haven’t been spitting on you your whole life? Really? Because that actually does happen to me.

    Exhibit A. 7th grade, once a week, I would go to Skate-a-Rama to enhance my amazing figure 8’s, skate backwards as fast as I could and “dance skate” to a Taste of Honey’s, “Boogie, Oogie, Oogie”.   A deranged, Charles Manson look-a-like, skates up to me and asks me to partner skate and I  say “no thank you sir” and he spits right in between my eyes.

    Exhibit B.  I’m driving home from my first corporate job in Century City on a nice warn evening with the top down on the car.  It’s the early 90’s and my hair is a wild mess of bleach blond with the kind of sprayed bangs that could knock out Sugar Ray Leonard in the first round. Traffic is insane so I take side streets through downtown LA. I’m stopped at a light when I see a wood-paneled station wagon pull up next to me in a manic fashion where the driver took one look at me, gathered his most amazing gutterel spew and sent it out his window where it passed through space about 11 feet, hitting me in the temple with some leftover in my ear and some in my bangs.

    Exhibit C.  Now it’s late 90’s and I’m managing a supperclub in Los Angeles. A guest tells me that a fight is escalating in the women’s restroom so I go in to break it up.  I get the calmer patron to exit the restroom pretty quickly.  The other girl is simply a drunk, crazy bitch that needs a tranquilizer but because I don’t have one at my disposal she gets in my face and spits right in my mouth.

    There are more. Really, I have more.

    I spent this Memorial weekend at the beach pondering life’s oddities…and it’s beauty.  I also thought about my father who was a pilot in WWII.  He was an amazing man who believed in fighting for our country’s freedom.  Freedom for everyone, even those that like to spit.