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April, 2012

  1. An Education

    April 18, 2012 by admin

    I’ve talked about my young, Chinese friend, Kiwi, before.  She was my neighbor in Shanghai and in the last two years spending time together, Ken and I have become her American aunt and uncle.  Recently she was accepted into NYU, Cornell, USC and UCLA and waiting to hear from others.  I was so excited about this because either coast means I’ll be able to spend time with her.  I actually thought USC would be a great school because the class sizes are smaller than the other schools and I met one of the Medical school professors (who is also Chinese) and he said he would help her get settled.  In our last conversation, Kiwi expressed concerns about the violence issue in America and was it true that every person has a gun?  I actually had the nerve to chuckle at this a bit but did let her know that yes, we do have a lot of gun violence (although I didn’t admit to having the highest rate of gun violence of any developed nation) but that she didn’t need to worry about it.  And then the news came about two USC grad students from China who were shot in their car just outside of campus, believed to be a car-jacking gone wrong.  Damn it America.

    Kiwi will be going to Cornell.

    Girl’s night out at Toscana Bar for the “Two Maries and Two Evas”…minus one Eva.