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February, 2011

  1. Feed a cold, starve a fever

    February 23, 2011 by admin

    or is it, starve a cold, feed a fever??   Doesn’t matter either way because I’ve been feeding it. I am going on what is now my third head cold this winter and can’t help but wonder why?  Is it 17 million people in one city?  The pollution?  The men who insist on blowing their noses onto the sidewalk??

    God forbid it curb my appetite for one day, au contraire mon gie gie, I am constantly hungry.  I want a pork bun, followed by dumplings and then a bowl of noodles…athletes know it as “carboload”.  As I’m not currently training for the next Olympics, I decided I better up the calorie burn during this cold, Shanghainese winter by staying put longer on the exercise machine.  To do so, I decided to start bringing dvds to watch so I wouldn’t want to hang myself from the impending boredom.  When a “friend” (I shouldn’t mention her name) moved back to the States she gave me her box set of Gossip Girl which I took out of politeness but never had any intention of watching, I mean come on, I’m not 18 yrs. old and anyway those actors all have weird mouth movements, it’s bizarre.   Well let me tell you I just finished the last episode of season 3 and I can hardly wait to get my boney little fingers on Season 4.  I need an intervention.  People, I did not come all the way to China to WATCH THIS MESS.  Alas, I’m hooked and I hate you Natalie for giving it to me.  ooooops.


  2. Going to McChapel

    February 14, 2011 by admin

    and we’re….gonna get Mcmarried.

    Shanghai Daily reports that McDonalds Hong Kong has announced couples can now get married in certain McDonald’s locations.  When I first read this I was like, what in fast food hell is going on with the world???  And then I thought about attending one of these weddings and having unlimited access to McDonald’s fries and they just completely won me over.  Instead of a cake I would have free-flowing mint milk shakes, the one they bring out every St. Patrick’s day, and Ronald McDonald could be the officiant, I mean the possibilities are endless.  I guess you’re sort of stuck with the yellow and red color scheme but I could rock that.

    The story goes on to say, “The McDonald’s “Warm and sweet wedding package,” at HK$9,999 (US$1,282) a pop, includes wedding gifts, pink invitation cards emblazoned with golden arches, decor featuring the likes of Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, and classic golden arches fare worth up to US$385″.

    “They date here, they grew their love here, so when they have this important day they want to come over here,” said Shirley Chang, the managing director of Hong Kong’s McDonald’s outlets.

    …And they’ll be growing fat together too.

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