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May, 2010

  1. It’s Haibao time!

    May 13, 2010 by admin

    The Shanghai Expo has finally arrived and Jenny, Mae and I went about 3 days after the main opening day.  It wasn’t as crowded in the morning so we were able to get in some of the pavilions without any wait.  After about 7 hours on our feet we had to call it a day and there were still so many pavilions and shows to see.

    For more pictures and information on Expo and the design and concept for each pavilion, click on this link  Shanghai Expo 2010

    The Spain Pavilion, one of my favorites

    The UK Pavilion, fantastic!

    Some “lunch” at the Mexico Pavilion, muy bueno!

    The Netherlands Pavilion

    Angola Pavilion

    Serbia Pavilion

    Somebody doesn’t like all the attention Haibao is getting

  2. I finally got a job

    May 13, 2010 by admin

  3. Sister

    May 3, 2010 by admin

    My sister is here visiting and I don’t want to take a second away from her to blog but with everything we’ve been doing and the Expo finally here, I’ll have lot’s of pix to post after she returns to California this Friday.  We are planning on attempting the Expo tomorrow, along with some 215,000 other people.  Yesterday they ran out of Coke!  If I don’t die, I will be back to blog soon!