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  1. I took a break

    July 20, 2018 by admin

    I took a break because I was broken.

    It’s been hard to find my voice and write something down when you wake up and find yourself in the present day version of “The Handmaid’s Tale”.   I’ve traveled quite a bit in the last year, seen lots of friends and family and committed myself to more non-profit fundraising efforts and yet I still harbor this anger and constant agitation, I can’t shake it.  But I’m working on it.  For one, I’ve stopped fighting with complete strangers on FB.  It’s just never a good idea to log on in the evening after 3 glasses of wine.  Two, I bought a bird feeder and bird bath and you’d be surprised by all the action that goes on between the cardinals, the blue jays, the woodpeckers, etc.   The robins don’t eat from the feeder, they like worms and insects but they do love to take a long bath as the other birds wait patiently in the blueberry bush for their turn.  I just had to buy another feeder as a raccoon apparently took the entire hanging ball full of seed back to it’s lair.  “Selfish!” is what my sister had to say about it.

    Third and most important, I took a family vacation to Santorini.  I put away my phone, rarely checking it, and let all my worries melt away in the sun.  I ate greek salad and fresh fish (every day), drank delicious wines and swam in the most perfectly blue, salty water I’d ever been in.   We took a catamaran trip where we swam in different coves, enjoyed a delicious lobster BBQ, jumped off a cliff and then watched the famous sunset over Oia.  That did the trick.

    Santorini Sunset


  2. Let’s Get Cooking

    September 19, 2017 by admin

    First, put on your favorite easy-going playlist starting with Dawes, “We’re all gonna die” (well it’s true AND it’s a great song).  Next, open a bottle of Lioco Chardonnay and sip along while putting your little ingredients together.  I’m sharing this recipe because it’s easy, super delicious, looks beautiful and a great start to a late summer meal.

    Avocado Lime Crab “Soup” (serves approx 4)

    3 Avocados

    1 cup of cold milk

    1-2 Limes

    2 cups of chicken or vegetable stock

    1 cup of lump crab (if you don’t like crab you can substitute with an old shoe, it will taste just as good)

    Chopped cilantro

    Salt, Pepper and a little Cayenne pepper

    Put avocados and stock in a Magic Bullet or blender and blend until smooth.  Add milk and the juice of one lime and blend again.  Stir in salt and pepper to taste.  You can add more broth if you prefer a thinner consistency.  This can be put in the fridge until ready to serve.

    When ready to serve, put the soup in small bowls and place the crab in a lump in the center.  Sprinkle a little cayenne over the top followed by the cilantro and spoon immediately into your happy mouth.  I served this with wild-caught salmon and a side of roasted asparagus and tomatoes, if you care.

    These are the cups we collected and drank from as kids.  This should explain a lot.

  3. No Words Necessary

    August 10, 2017 by admin

  4. La Bella Luna

    August 9, 2017 by admin

    I wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate the 4th of July this year, the first 6 months of the Trump “presidency” had taken their toll and I needed a break.  I begged Ken, “can’t we pleeeeeease go to Italy for the 4th of July???” and by begged I mean the simple mention of Italy makes him melt to his knees so it was an easy sell.   We decided on the Tuscany region and it didn’t take long to find the perfect place in Chianti.  We stayed at the Castello Del Nero, a villa sitting high atop the rolling hills of vineyards and olive trees.  The property sits on over 600 acres which made for beautiful morning walks…and wild boar sightings.   From there we did a wine tour of the Antinori Vineyards (one of their many in this region), their wine cellar located in a 13th century church, followed by an olive oil tasting and dinner at Osteria di Passagnano featuring homegrown vegetables, fruits and herbs matched with a perfect wine pairing for each course.

    The downside to Tuscany is there is never enough time to explore, eat and drink all that is within reach but with visits to Siena, San Gimignano, Florence and Chianti, we left happy, satiated and feeling a bit like a chunky monkey if you must know.

    Chianti Sculpture Park, fabulous!





    Castello Del Nero, Osteria Di Passagano, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano










  5. The world is your oyster

    May 3, 2017 by admin

    I remember once I was at this nice restaurant in New Orleans sitting at the bar.  My boyfriend and I were laughing with the couple next to us while sipping martinis, they were from Houston.  We ordered a dozen oysters and just began slurping our first gem with the mignonette when we asked them to “please feel free and help yourselves”.  The woman paused and said, “oh no, I can’t, I got hepatitis C from eating oysters”.

    It would be a long time before I’d eat oysters again.  I’m not really sure when it started back up but I do know there is nothing better than the local Hamptons’ oyster, The Montauk Pearl.  They are simply delicious and fresh and beautiful.  And thanks to The Nature Conservancy doing everything in their power to keep our waterways, rivers and oceans clean (around the globe), we hope to have them flourishing there forever.

    With over 600 scientists and a slew of incredibly smart, caring, nature-loving people on board, The Nature Conservancy is helping to protect our planet from ourselves.  Click and learn more

    The Nature Conservancy

    Anyway, it’s about all I remember from that stay in New Orleans, you know how it goes down there.




  6. Another day in paradise?

    April 2, 2017 by admin

    It’s amazing what trouble you can find even in the never-ending rainy days of April when a good friend is in tow, enter Natalie, my buddy from the days of living in Shanghai.

    A night at The Bell and Anchor with all the usual suspects is always a must.  With Natalie I can always count on a madcap adventure but coupled with the revolving door of personalities in the off-season of the Hamptons and you’ve got yourself a Blue Ribbon time.  Each day I wake up a little more haggard, puffy-eyed and an ache in my side from all the laughing.  I realized one thing we have in common is that people like to talk to us and we have the patience to listen, I can’t decide if that’s a gift or not.

    Case in point: we were out at the local bar one night when a quite drunk, 50ish woman (and I’m not talking about me) sought us out for a never-stopping-for-air chat.  She was very nice and it seemed she just really needed to discuss the hardship of her last child heading off to college.  Just as my mind started to wonder off she quickly brought me back to life when mentioning how much she liked TJMax (I get it) and that she got her Ivanka Trump pants there.  Then I started thinking about her voting for Trump and felt the rage boiling up inside me but I took a deep breath and changed my thoughts to what Natalie might sing at Karaoke (Tainted Love’ won out)

    The following days consisted of walks in nature, feeding little birds and a few very big birds, watching a fantastic movie, a fun party, more wine, more delicious food and most importantly, long conversations with a good friend.  Thank you Natalie.










  7. Girls just wanna have fun

    March 18, 2017 by admin

    Yesterday as I was walking out of my building I saw that someone had written in the snow covered sidewalk, ‘MAGA  Trump!’, at which point I crossed out the MAGA and wrote SUX after Trump!.  When confessing this later to Ken his only response was, “what is SUX?”.

    I really need to get it together because if I want a President who doesn’t tweet in the wee hours of the morning using the words of an 8 yr. old (STUPID!, BAD HOMBRES!, DUMB!, MORON!) then I better start acting like I’m not an 8 yr. old myself.

    My niece came to visit me last week while my husband was on a Father/Son trip.  I was happy they were together, it’s not every day this can happen, but did they HAVE to go to sunny and warm Costa Rica?  They couldn’t go trekking through Iceland or maybe Transylvania?!   So I called my niece Leah and said get out here so we can act like 8 yr. olds and that’s just what we did.

    We hiked and played our way around the Quogue Wildlife Refuge…on the day of the biggest snow storm we’ve had all winter.  She’d never been snowed-on before!  We had the park to ourselves except for the lone set of tracks we saw on the main trail, we never saw him but we were surprised by his Shreklike foot prints.  The park also has a dwarf pine forest making the day even more magical.  If that weren’t enough, the refuge worker came out with corn kernels and let us feed the snow geese and ducks.

    The next day we took the dogs on a hike through the woods out to the beach at Barcelona Point.  On our way back we ran into a man who wanted to know if we’d seen his lost dog, Winnie.  He was a wreck and worried if he didn’t find her she’d freeze to death overnight, so we got back to the car, put the dogs in and started back out to help look for her.  After schlepping through the woods for a while, I saw something black moving and Leah and I called out to her and sure enough it was Winnie!  I called the man on his cellphone (did I mention he was a good-looking, veterinarian with exceptional hair?) and shortly after the two were together again.  Leah and I celebrated that night with too much wine and two Karaoke songs, ‘Love Shack’ and ‘Girls just want to have fun’.  FUN! AWESOME! GREAT! BITCHIN’!






    Before the snow came in NYC, Marie’s Crisis Cafe singing show tunes


    Ballet in Central Park


  8. Those were the days my friend

    December 17, 2016 by admin

    Far, far away in a land known for it’s hard workers, big dreams and bigger attitudes, people came from all over the world to see our art, our parks, our shows and yes, occasionally eat at Applebee’s in Times Square. Remember it?  We’d go to bars that were too loud and drink expensive martinis then stumble home and complain about the cold, hard winter.  We’d shop and buy beautiful shoes that we know darn well we won’t wear down the dirty sidewalks.  We’d meet lovely tourists then yell at them to move out of the way!  That was the old NYC.  Now, it’s the home of our new President, I can’t even say his name.

    Before we move on to a new cold war, ahem, I mean New Year!, I must remember that just a few months ago I was truly happy.

    It started with the wedding of the Millenials, Mae and Bryna.  It was a gorgeous spectacle set among the Maine finger lakes.






    The wedding was followed by a quick trip to celebrate wedding anniversaries (our fifth and Kelly and John’s 10th) in California wine country, with exceptional wine tastings at Crocker and Star, Jarvis , Cade and lots of love shared between friends.



    From San Francisco to Sicily for a bike trip with more friends!  (I hope they ARE still friends?!)  We rode through Ragusa, Scicli, Noto, Ortigia, through many farms and beaches and it was all perfection.  Ride, Eat, Drink!  Or was it, Eat, Ride, Drink or Drink, Eat, Drink, Ride, I don’t know…

    Just a happy local














    Friends (family)





  9. The Men all Pause

    August 24, 2016 by admin

    “when I walk into the room, the men all pause”.

    Remember that song?  I sure do.  Friday night at the Red Onion or Bentleys you could find me on the dance floor kick ball-changing and pas-de-buerreing to all the best dance music.  Guys would wait by the side and eventually one of them would get the nerve up to dance with us.  We thought we were pretty amazing, putting on a show.

    I was just at a friend’s 10th anniversary party, it was such a beautiful party held outside at their new house along the water in the Hamptons.  They had a dance floor set up and after dinner the music started so of course I got out there right away.  While trying to find my groove, I started getting really hot and sweaty and realized yet another hot flash was taking over me, I have them day and night.  Now I dance to a different tune… “The men-o-pause when I walk into the room”.

    It’s really odd that one day you wake up and you’re in menopause.  You never think it’s going to happen to you.  I literally sweat day and night.  I sleep naked with no covers and Ken is wrapped like a pig-in-a-blanket in our comforter, shivering from the low air con temperature I continually have it on.  I’m not crying a lot but I DO want to punch people in the face daily, even my sweet, loving husbands.  No wonder so many people get divorced in the their fifties.  If he says “did you have a good night’s sleep honey?” I’m like, why the hell is he asking me that, goddamn son of a bitch!  I am noticing all those hormone cream ads in magazines where they have sharply dressed women at a restaurant sitting around the lunch table with smiles on their faces because they use this cream and are finally able to have sex that’s not horribly painful.  Or maybe they are smiling because they are out to lunch and eating fries with white wine, I don’t know.  And don’t even get me started that coffee and alcohol exacerbate the hot flashes because that will make me want to punch you in the face.


    William, our new goat (sculpture)




  10. Summer-izing

    August 17, 2016 by admin

    Here’s the summer summary of 2016 so far…

    Ken’s Birthday weekend in the Hamptons




    Wedding in Vermont




    Wine Country Tour on the North Fork



    Kew Gardens




    Windsor Castle and Eton bike tour





    Opening of Westfield World Trade Center Shopping, John Legend performs


    Breakfast by Ken