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  1. Thankswedding

    December 11, 2014 by admin

    I was just the most thankful this Thanksgiving.  It was a beautiful and food-filled day spent with Ken’s parents on a warm sunny day in Laguna Hills, followed by my niece Leah’s wedding where all my lovely siblings were in attendance.  Will there be enough wine? That was my first concern when learning we’d all be there.  My nieces and nephews are all in their 20′s and 30′s now so it was a legitimate concern.  At one point during the reception I was bowled over from a pain in my side, apparently just looking at my sister Jenny on the dance floor can make me laugh harder than anything in the world.  I limped over to the bar, took in a deep breath and ordered another Pinot.  Meanwhile I learned that there’s an Iggy Azalea song I actually like!

    One thing I didn’t have to learn (because I know from the bottom of my heart) is my family is truly special.  We’re not complainers, we pitch in and get the job done, we’re humble, we body surf, we laugh, love and support each other and gave life to a lot of really cute kids and dogs.   And we’re Homers (and Breglia’s, so we can cook too!)












  2. Beasts

    November 12, 2014 by admin

    Life is strange.  Two weeks ago all we worried about was catching Ebola from the subway handles and now we’re in the throes of Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping.  I know there are bigger issues in the world but I am all in a twist because the brand new black cashmere, and yes V-neck, sweater I just brought home has that damn plastic alarm still on it!!!  I called the shop and the sales girl is like, “you need to bring it back to us, you can’t get it off yourself…and don’t forget the receipt”.  ARGH.  So not right, the attitude first of all from that Miss I’m- in-a-hurry-and-can’t-be-bothered-to-notice-a-huge-plastic-alarm-on-your-damn-cashmere-sweater-that-you-have-too-many-of-already-and-anyway-you-should-be-buying-gifts-for-other-people!”

    Here’s what I plan to do to her…










  3. Fall and longing

    November 3, 2014 by admin

    This midterm election just may be the end of me.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy receiving emails from Robert Redford, Carol King, Barbara Streisand and yes, Barack Obama but I just want them to stop ASKING ME FOR MONEY! Don’t they have enough??  Okay, certainly they don’t have as much as the Koch brothers, nobody does.   I just can’t take it anymore and I’ve decided that depending on what the outcome of the election is I may never visit the following states: Arkansas, Iowa, Alaska, Kentucky, Texas (that doesn’t include Austin though, I’m going there for sure) and Oklahoma, where I never had any intention of going anyway.  Oh, and Idaho.   Listen, I’m just in a mood.

    On the bright side, it’s Fall and it’s beautiful everywhere here.  The city, Water Mill, the Hudson Valley, just unbelievable beauty.   A crisp and cold breeze in the air with the blue sky and the sharp sun hitting the yellow, red, purple ever-changing leaves.  It’s magical and melancholy because you know it will end soon into the blistery long white winter.  The seasons remind us of this constantly moving world we live in.  This California girl has been moved.

    Our neighbors in Water Mill invited us to a little dinner party at their house last night and just when we were about to head over all the power went out in our area.  There was a small storm but it brought lots of wind.  Our neighbors told us to come anyway, “we can always drink in the dark” they said and so sealed our fate as forever friends.  It was a lovely time, great food and conversation and who doesn’t look better in candlelight?!

    Our Tupelo TreeIMG_1293

    Wolffer Estate Harvest Festival


    Friends of the Hudson River Park Charity Party




  4. Travel Bug (including cough and fever)

    October 8, 2014 by admin

    I’m fully aware that since I left China this blog has become a bit, ahem, boring.  New Yorkers are crazy for sure but this ain’t Shanghai.   There are no couples walking hand-in-hand wearing their matching pajamas.  People here don’t use the sidewalk to blow their nose (don’t ask) and Manhattan moms seem to prefer diapers as opposed to backless pants where you hang your child over the curb to pee.  So to spice things up around here I thought I could make it sort of a lifestyle blog, you know, where I share my mascara tips, avocado mask recipe, that sort of thing.  Why just the other day I was making a salad and some olive oil dripped onto my hand so I took it and rubbed it into my cuticles!  See, I’m full of these great ideas!  Beet juice can double as a lip stain!  Fluff up your old pillows by adding dog hair you pull out of the vacuum!!!

    But until that happens, here’s a breakdown of the two craziest weeks of travel I’ve ever had.

    It started with a 3-night trip to Brazil to attend a wedding.  Ken had some work for a day but then we attended an art exhibition where we met the truly talented and amazing sculptor, Pablo Atchugarry.  Ken was fighting off a bad cold but managed to have a great time nonetheless (except when he fainted on the plane ride over and then I started crying hysterically).

    The wedding, a night to remember.

    The Wedding



    Pablo Atchugarry Exhibit in Sao Paolo

    Pablo Atchugarry

    Our new piece!

    Our beautiful piece

    After the weekend in Brazil, it was only a few short days back in the city before I headed to Los Angeles to throw Leah her bridal shower.  It was lovely day for a lovely bride-to-be.  My mother, Jenny, Cynthia, Leah and Lauren all spent the night and Ken, who just flew in,  would makes us all omelets in the morning.  I was going to leave out the part where my mother fell in the bathroom and hit her head, but that did happen.  Fortunately, she was fine, ego bruised more than body.  Whew!

    The next day it was off to San Francisco to meet up with our Brazilian friends for a night before heading to wine country and Big Sur.

    Bridal Shower Flowers





    After a two hour hike in the Redwood Forest, we decided it was wine/cheese time.   Brazilians don’t mess around.









    And last but not least, right after returning home, my dear friend Kelly came out to the Hamptons for a Girl’s Weekend!!  (and Ken for a day too)







  5. (not) Endless Summer

    September 1, 2014 by admin

    Unlike my years in California where the summer never ends, NY’s is so abrupt you just figure out which Rose is your favorite and it’s time to put the lounge chairs away.  Dang it all.

    Our summer packed a wallup though.  Lot’s of guests, paddle boarding, body surfing, BBQing, biking, lobster rolling, clam baking and the best celebrity spotting of all time, Paul McCartney riding his bike through Amagansett village.  We also saw Rufus Wainwright perform, a David Sideris show in East Hampton and a Flywheel class with Bethany Frankel.  What more is there??

    IMG_1151 IMG_1152 IMG_1153 IMG_1146 IMG_1137 IMG_1109
    IMG_0857IMG_1138 IMG_1129


  6. A little pre-wedding vacation never hurts (sort of)

    August 5, 2014 by admin

    My niece Leah and her fiance Anton came for visit this past week.  They’re getting married in November and in the throes of wedding planning so what a great idea to come to the Hamptons for a relaxing getaway.  And by relaxing I mean a 4 hour hike through tick-infested, overgrown trails with thorny vines where we saw a red fox and a black snake all so we could get to Oyster Bay…that was day one.  It was followed by mountain bike rides, cycling, running, hand-feeding the birds, hiking and a lot of oyster eating (Thank you, Harlow and Pierre’s).  And as always, really good wine, conversation and Scattagories.


    IMG_1112   IMG_1111 IMG_1113     IMG_1120

  7. Just when you think you’ve seen it all

    August 4, 2014 by admin

    A woman hikes up her maxi dress, pulls down her underwear and squats down to pee right in front of me and the dogs on the sidewalk next to a Subway Sandwich shop.  Odd is that she just did it right in front of me, odder still was her pacing back and forth looking for the best spot to go, as Niu Niu always does.  Of course when I was able to close my gaping mouth I quickly turned and walked the dogs back down the street.

    This reminds me of Jenny’s last visit when we were hiking in the woods.  I had to pee.  There wasn’t a soul around but I asked Jenny to be my “look-out” anyway as this is what we do when we hike.  We were on a hill almost at the top with Jenny standing a bit higher up than me.  While I was going, I happened to look down the hill and saw a man walking by!  As I quickly sprinted past Jenny while simultaneously trying to pull up my underwear and jeans, she was staring straight up into the sky.  That’s my Wingman.


    New (old) wheels

    New (old) wheels


  8. Does anyone really want to see a Cameron Diaz movie?

    June 27, 2014 by admin

    What makes a person want to go to Africa just to kill a beautiful lion?  What would it be like to have 6 dogs with two of them Great Danes?  What exactly is in Kim Kardashian’s butt?  What would I have done if my brother wanted to marry Ann Coulter?  Why don’t we speak Pig Latin anymore??  These are the things I think about when I’m driving to Long Island.  It’s a 2 hour drive at best coupled with an array of bad NY drivers and worse New Jersey drivers.  Alas, when I pull off the LIE (Long Island expressway, hello) at exit 70 it’s similar to the feeling at the end of a yoga class…calm, at peace and a bit sweaty.

    Last week Jenny came for her thrice yearly visit (working on frice yearly, how ever many that is) and then this weekend it was my dear friend Jim.  The weather is superb, farm stands open, days are long and you can see Star Jones checking out at the grocery store.  ahhhhhhh



    Hot Dog



    Don’t worry, we were parked when this was taken!







    Marder’s Nursery in full bloom




  9. My eyes tell the story my face tries to hide

    May 12, 2014 by admin

    So Ken has been seeing this Doctor/nutritionist.  A friend told him about this guy that can help treat certain ailments through diet, i.e. muscle and joint inflammation, skin issues, allergies…whatever, I’m not feeling it.   The doctor eliminated only a few things from Ken’s diet for the next month and I’ve been following the same thing, why not, it’s not so hard.  But then he told Ken to give up wine for a month and with the roll of an eye and flaring of nostril I yelped, “Do you want to die healthy or happy?”,   “I guess we’re not going to Italy anytime soon”, “Should we order a Cab with our steak?, oh never mind”.   Next.

    In between trying to help rescue dogs, putting an end to trophy hunting, keeping a watchful eye on factory farming foils and eliminating human trafficking, a girl can forget to do her weekly facial peel!   Summer’s almost here and soon enough we’ll be dusting off the old bikinis.  My rear will need some dusting off as well and by dusting off, I mean serious self-tanning.   What a difference a season makes?!

    People who spend year round in the Hamptons know good and well that summer is coming when a Bentley, Audi or black Range Rover filled with screaming children is passing you on a NO PASSING country road doing 55 mph in a 30 zone.  They, or their chefs, end up in Citarella holding up the seafood guy or butcher for 20 minutes ordering either all the oysters yanked from the Peconic bay or a side of grass fed Australian beef for their 40 guests coming for dinner.   The restaurants I’ve been going to ALL WINTER won’t have room from Memorial to Labor day, except my beloved Bell and Anchor who tries very hard to fit us in.  Whatever dude, no complaining on the yacht (as Ken loves to say).

    With everything going on in the world, I’m grateful for my two weeks of Spring.








  10. In Easter news

    April 22, 2014 by admin

    That ain’t no Easter bunny?!  Oh well, close enough


    Ken and I spent a quiet Easter Sunday in Water Mill.  It was a nice day, warmer too and we both enjoyed some outside exercise.  We had a pleasant drive back to the city.  But when I took the dogs out for their afternoon walk down 42nd Street there were all these wild children running around, skipping, screaming, crying, back-flipping, it was utter insanity!  My dogs already consider anything under 4 feet something to be seriously afraid of.   This particular day was like an alien invasion for them or better, like being dropped in the center of the Electric Light Parade at Disneyland.  “What in God’s name is going on around here?”, I said to Ken.

    Easter Sunday + kids + 20lbs of candy = Hell’s Kitchen Hell

    So a week ago Bernie had a small lump removed from his chest.    He had several stitches and the doctor wanted him to take it easy.  Riiiiight.   On Easter we came home from a walk and he started throwing his tennis ball all over the place and barking and crazily running  from room to room.  Upon landing in the living room he began his Native American dance to the gods to make it rain turkey jerky, that’s what it looked like anyway.   The doctor told me he could wear a t-shirt to help protect the stitches.

    Fame called and they want their tshirt back….


    I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Easter.